Kay’s Covid Cookery Class No 14. The poshest dinner for one in the history of lockdown.

Life is good: I have friends who grow asparagus in their garden. Not just any asparagus, the t-a-l-l-e-s-t asparagus I have ever seen. These in the photo are as long as my forearm. Thank you, Su and Rick!

Life is good: I live around the corner from Steve Hatt the fishmonger in North London.

Life is good : I’ve been spending so little money during lockdown that I didn’t think twice about buying myself 6, yes SIX tiger prawns this morning.

The tiger prawn recipe is already on the blog from a couple of years ago. You can find it here.

For the asparagus, I simply chopped the woody end off the stem, boiled it for 6 minutes, drained it, melted a little butter over it.

Next up, asparagus risotto recipe. Yes, they gave me LOADS!! Watch this space.

Step 1. Butterfly your prawns

Step 2. Marinate in lime juice and vanilla essence



Step 3. Fry some garlic and chilli flakes in oil, then add the prawns flesh side down.


Step 4. Gently turn them over and fry the shell side til it’s nice and crunchy


Step 5. Yum



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