Slivers of beetroot with everything…


Beetroot is just coming in to season now. I know that lots of people buy those shrink wrapped pre-cooked things, but for me nothing beats (geddit?) the texture and flavour of fresh, raw beetroot.

The leaves are tasty too, so if your greengrocer has beetroots with the leaves on, don’t waste them… I cook beet leaves in the same way as I cook spinach; just toss them in a little hot oil in a pan for a couple of minutes. Then season with salt and pepper and sprinkle a few sunflower seeds or pine nuts over them to serve.

Lately I’ve been slicing raw beetroots very thinly using a potato peeler. (Today I made the mistake of doing that while wearing a pale grey dress. I now have a rather attractive pale grey and red spotted dress.) The flavour is very strong, so even a paper-thin slice has plenty of sweet tanginess. Last week I served raw slivers with oven-roast lamb merguez sausage and a little rocket as a starter – the slightly bitter tang of the beetroot and rocket is a perfect balance to the yummy, fatty sausage.

And today, the most colourful salad; frisee lettuce, little gem, avocado, lamb’s lettuce, rocket, basil, sweet red pepper, cherry tomatoes and shaved beetroot. .  I’ll be serving that later with some pumpkin and pine-nut fiorelli and grated parmesan. Head round here if you’re in the neighbourhood! 😉

(If you have supported the recipe cards project, thank you! I’m told your copies should be dispatched to you shortly. The Unbound website says that the box sets are sold out, but contact me directly here and I’ll get you a set.)


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