The Market Garden has recently added a nice little Caribbean section which is where I saw these. Having no idea what they were, not even the soggiest clue, I bought some.

Turns out that eddoes (or malangas in Spanish) are tropical root vegetables, something like a potato or a yam. They are thought to have originated in Asia, but are very common in Caribbean and Brazilian dishes.

The first thing that I noticed was that when I peeled off the fibrous skin was that the flesh  is quite sticky. This is probably because they are very starchy and high in calories.

After boiling them whole for 15 minutes I sliced them into discs about 1 cm thick (the centre was still quite hard), and fried them in oil for about 2 minutes each side. Then I added them to a spinach and chick pea curry. Really yummy – more interesting in texture and taste than potato.

Next week I’m going to use them in a fish curry. I’ll let you know the verdict, and the recipe. Stay tuned


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