Chocolate beetroot matchsticks.

IMG_2883…strangest invention yet?

I blame the beetroot. I was preparing some to roast for Easter Sunday lunch to serve alongside the s……l……o…….w casseroled lamb shanks  with preserved lemons (recipe also here, just click on the .pdf below the chocobeet pictures), and I just nibbled a little raw beetroot, as you do. It’s so sweet and crunchy. Irresistible. And, what with it being Easter, aka chocolatemas, I was also making chocolate dipped strawberries and blueberries. The beetroot was way sweeter than the fruits, which set me thinking, “what if I dipped the beetroot in chocolate instead of the fruits?” So I did. They’re crunchy and sweet and chocolatey.

You’re welcome.

Peel the beetroot and slice into thick matchstick shapes. Melt 70% chocolate in a small, deep bowl over some hot water (I used a shot glass). Once the chocolate has melted, dip the beetroot sticks. (It’s time consuming, as you have to dip them one at a time.) Place them on greaseproof paper on a plate, and pop in the fridge to set.








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