Aphrodite’s beetroot soup.


According to the Oracle of Delphi beets are worth their weight in silver. Fortunately they’re a lot cheaper than that now. Allegedly the goddess Aphrodite ate beets to help retain and enhance her beauty (although it’s possible that she was just a messy eater so looked as if she was wearing lipstick after she’d eaten it). It is said that if two people eat from the same beetroot then they will fall in love, and fennel seeds are said to bring strength, courage and fertility. (Careful who you share the soup with…)

As beetroot season ends in October/November the ones you can buy now will probably have come from store. However, like most root veg, if stored carefully in a cool, humid environment beetroots retain their flavour and texture. The Market Garden has had some very tasty small beets with leaves and stalks still attached over the past few weeks but since we’re approaching the end of the time when even stored beetroots are any good, do your liver a favour and make this soup soon.


Yes, eating beetroot regularly helps cleanse the liver, and if your Christmas was anything like mine, you should be eating beetroot pretty much constantly until February, so here also is a reminder of the beetroot, halloumi and walnut salad from way back in 2014..




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