On the dangers of dancing while cooking…

My ancient iPod, left to its own devices on shuffle, decided to have a total punkfest.

“Know your Rights”, “No More Heroes.” “Down in the Tube Station at Midnight” “Pretty Vacant” As a result I found myself  *pogo-ing (is that a word?) while slicing.

I came this close to slicing off all my fingers. Perhaps an appropriate fate for someone cooking swordfish.Chopping Board

It’s been a colourful week in so many ways (nice work on marriage equality, USA), not least in The Market Garden, so I was inspired to make fajitas with the juicy swordfish steaks from Steve Hatt the fishmonger, along with side dishes of re-fried beans and guacamole.

You can use any kind of meaty fish such as tuna, salmon or monkfish in this recipe, or, indeed you can use meaty meat; chicken breasts, lean beef, pork fillet.almost there....

I prefer to serve this with rice and corn tortillas, but corn tortillas can be hard to find in London. The flour version are OK. The gluten free tortillas are, in  my view, disgusting. You’re better off without any kind of wrap.

The recipes are quite long, so I’ve put them in .pdfs below.

I love inventing and writing recipes. I love my neighbourhood. But please remember that this this is NOT about my recipes. It’s about YOU supporting YOUR local businesses, YOU creating YOUR recipes, YOU chatting to YOUR neighbours as you stand in line in the greengrocers, the butchers, the fishmonger..

*Pogo, as in the dance, not the stick






One thought on “On the dangers of dancing while cooking…

  1. Pogoing is definitely a thing and I have been guilty of it given the right music. Never took to the gobbing though.
    I can see how pogoing could be a challenge to your knife skills. In future I would suggest you acquire one of those chain mail gloves the boners use in the meat factories. It not only saves your fingers but it also looks totally punk


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